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So Many Passwords!

March 18, 2013  |  by Garry

Passwords are a pain for you, for me and everyone that computes online. To help ease that pain, I want to share a concept I use for remembering so many of them to login to various protected sites.

Passwords are a necessary piece of security in our super connected world! If you use the same password on every login you use – you’re asking for trouble. If one of the sites you use that password is compromised – like LinkedIn in 2012every other site you use that password should be considered compromised. Every site you use should have its own password.

This is why I use pass phrases instead of passwords. I associate my pass phrases to the function each website is offering me. I use a word or words that relate to the site (in my mind), then I add a combination of letters and numbers and characters that I will not forget. If you are bilingual, the second set of characters can be in a different language, or if you are not bilingual, you can make something up. Use that combination on every page, but the first word or characters should be different for every site. Get creative, but remember to create a pattern that only you would guess.

Example: Your favorite discounted airline site (mine is – even if I don’t login for months, I still always remember my pass phrase!). So what do you think about when you think about airlines? Maybe vacation? Maybe sunny weather or sandy beaches? My pass phrase for that site might be “sunar777?” because it contains the following:

  1. “Sun” (the site reminds me of the sun)
  2. “ar” (in Spanish it means “to do something”)
  3. “777?” (a set of numbers and characters I want to use on every site).

The “ar777?” can be used at every site with one or two words before it that is about what that site does for you. The pass phrase makes sense to no one but you. It is a strong, memorable pass phrase that will help keep you from getting hacked!

Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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10 responses to “So Many Passwords!”

  1. Dina says:

    Great ideas, but then we have sites like MRIS, that forces us to change our password every 6 months, and we cannot re use old ones. 🙂

  2. Jody says:

    Yeah, agreed. I HATE, HATE, HATE when sites force users to change passwords and then I always forget them. I think it's my own business what my password is and when/if I want to change it. Don't force me. Also, I save most passwords on my home computer in my browser. It would be nice if MRIS would allow password save in the browser as it is very cumbersome to type in three levels to log in each time, especially as it logs us out after 2 hours. Ugh!

  3. 2steved says:

    I have downloaded roboform2go. It rememebers all websites, logins, bookmarks. Another feature it will keep your name address phone numbers to fill in all the stupid little forms everywhere you go. The one problem is does have is YOU GUESSED IT THE MRIS PEOPLE HAVE MANAGED NOT TO LET IT WORK AT THE THEIR POORLY RUN WEBSITE. Works for their email. I do not use their email its to far out of date. I would love to show you my password for the mris. But will not. Put a number at the end of what ever your password is like 1. Then the next time the people at NASA- I mean MRIS make you change the your password just add the next number 2. Of couse soon as I post this they will defeat that. Instead of doing what they should be doing. GETTING THEIR WEB SITE TO THE MONDERN DAY 2013. Good luck hope that helps.

    ps-idea for the mris. Why don't you hire some realtors to show you how to run your web site properly.

    By the way in order to post a comment you have to create-yes you guessed it another account. Don't bother calling the mris as thay have no idea what you are talking about. They will claim its your browser. It is not.

  4. Stacy Brunner says:

    Give MRIS credit for following-up with some of our concerns. Thank you Scott. BTW: it is quite frustrating with the password updating plus I can't scan large files on my MRIS email account. Can you correct that?

  5. 2steved says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Your right. I will give credit to Scott and the MRIS staff. He did call, was very nice and helpfull. Gave me his contact info. I called him back the following day and left a message. He called me back in minutes.

    Thank you,

  6. Joyce says:

    Why would Tool Tips be scheduled for Tuesdays?? That is the one day we are almost all at sales meetings or involved in Broker Opens.

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