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Status Update: Keystone Homepage

August 1, 2012  |  by Anne

Yesterday morning we released the new Keystone Homepage but quickly reverted back to the prior Keystone homepage release due to an unexpected data transmission issue between our primary data center and our secondary data center that occurred Monday night.  The data transmission issue interrupted communications between our data centers and is being addressed.   MRIS recognized this issue and proactively responded to minimize impact to our customers and to ensure listing complications were avoided.

The new Keystone Homepage has been successfully used for six weeks by over 1,100 agents to enter new listings without any reported issues. We sincerely apologize for any confusion this may have caused and appreciate your patience as we work towards establishing a new release date.

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9 responses to “Status Update: Keystone Homepage”

  1. David Norod says:

    I truly do not understand why all this time, effort and I presume cost has been put into development of a Homepage for Keystone that upon first release crashed and burned. NONE of the functionality issues with the actual program have been addressed. Not one of them. In fact, yet another required and completely irrelevant field – "Transaction Type" – has been added to rental listings. Logic would dictate that these problems would have been resolved before trying to make it look nicer.

  2. MRIS_CMO says:

    Mr. Norod — we "share your pain", as the saying goes, on the deployment this week. Thanks for weighing in here.

    However, your note offers us an opportunity to discuss some of your comments and educate you on the facts. This is first of several phases in which the FULL Keystone will be replaced. The Home page is an important first step to organize and present information and tools to vastly improve productivity. In many cases, we took actions that required 5+ clicks and reduced them to 2 or, in some cases, 1 click. Less computer time obviously means more uptime for you instantly.

    The Home Page was heavily Beta tested by thousands of MRIS customers. As we indicated in our Blog post mid-week, what essentially happened was that a rare, and heretofore unprecedented, issue with the database arose (which has been addressed by the supplier.) This contributed to complicating the smooth rollout of the Home Page. The "crash" you refer to was proactively adressed and system stability was restored immediately with no loss of data.

    And, the Home Page is not a "makeover" for cosmetic sake, as you infer. We are normalizing over 4,000 data items to bring them current with today's real estate practice.

    Before I sound too defensive — which is not my goal of course — I invite you to visit with the leaders of the product team directly, at your convenience, to discuss your firmly stated concerns. I am sure we can learn a lot from you and apply those lessons to the task at hand, as we continue to renovate and improve the core product line.

    I can be reached at MRIS HQ at 301-838-7100 to arrange for us to visit. Thank you for your candor and "energy" … I/we hear you and are working full-time to get it right. With your help, and that of our 40,000 customers, we will.

    John Heithaus, MRIS CMO

  3. David Norod says:

    Hello John: Thank you for your response, it's nice to know that someone is listening. Having said that, all of the team leaders (especially Tim) are aware of the numerous Keystone issues which I have brought to light in recent years, years being the operative word. I have been in touch with the key programmer and have actually played around with the actual new Keystone as opposed to the new Keystone homepage. It has some really cool features and as the unofficial property management community’s representative to MRIS, I believe I have contributed some important feedback during its development. If rolling out the new Keystone could not be easily accomplished without first upgrading the homepage interface then of course this approach makes sense. Having said THAT, I hope you guys can move it along quickly, this upgrade is long overdue. Thanks.

  4. David Norod says:

    Sorry, don't know where the "****o" came from, that was supposed to say "Hello John". Clearly operator error…

  5. David Norod says:

    Wow. The program thought it was a curse word.

  6. Hi again — got to love the technologies we all find irreplaceable!

    Thanks for the comments and assurances you're plugged in here. We appreciate your guidance and agree it's overdue on the upgrade! The old Ford ad had a tagline of "Job #1" … for MRIS teams that's very true when it comes to Keystone. We expect substantial and tangible changes to be made in 2012.

    ps — the offer to visit us in Rockville still stands!

  7. Unsatisfied Customer says:

    Yeah – why are rental listing agents forced to check "other" just to get the listing going? Why was the new site thrown at us without warning or training? When we are in the busiest part of our year – we do not have time to learn new listing programs – how about releasing this in the winter? How about asking what we want instead of assuming?

  8. aileen braverman says:

    Spring Market, I'm sorry I just don't understand why would MRIS start a new program when Realtor's are busy. We really don't have much time to be on the computer right now.
    Trying to call
    Thanks Aileen

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