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Staying Unique and Relevant with Pop-a-Note

December 13, 2013  |  by RISMedia

Content Marketing & YouIn an industry where word-of-mouth and connections are crucial to your business, maintaining relationships with each and every client you serve has never been more important. For current clients, this may not be such a formidable task, but what about your buyers and sellers from days past or prospective clients? How can you easily and naturally open up a dialogue there? Pop-a-Note can help.

Pop-a-Note is a web-based, auto-email marketing system from RISMedia that helps agents and brokers continue the conversation within the real estate space and beyond. Emails are scheduled and sent out to an agent’s mailing list, providing your sphere of influence with relevant content they can use. Pop-a-Note provides facts that are timely and useful, all of which can be tailored to suit your specific audience.
Pop-a-Note topics give you flexibility by providing agents with a range of possibilities to send out.

Having a client struggling with finance? Maybe a “How to Enhance Your Credit” note could help. Is another client looking to tackle some major renovations? A DIY note about remodeling could be of use to them. But notes aren’t only real estate related. Other entertaining topics exist to help you create and bolster a longer, lasting relationship.

Here is a sampling of some of the latest Pop-a-Notes that agents from all over the country have been utilizing to stay in the game:

Is Your Smartphone Out-Smarting You?
Positive Emotions for Positive Living
Five Insurance Tips for Married Couples
First-time Homebuyers: Mistakes Not to Make
Paint Primer: One Room, Many Colors
Simple Ways to Lower Your Food Budget
5 Credit Myths to Ditch Now

No matter what issue or topic relates to your clients, you can show your own relevancy by staying involved in what’s important to them. By keeping up with their lives, you can count on your name staying in the top of their minds for the future.

MRIS customers receive a 10 percent discount. Learn more about Pop-a-Note here or click here for pricing information.

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