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Streamlining Client Communication with Pop-a-Note

April 21, 2014  |  by RISMedia

CommunicationCommunication in real estate is of the utmost importance—that’s a given. With so many transactions to keep track of, all of which are likely at different stages in the game, keeping the communication flowing is almost always half the battle.

While agents may be working overtime with clients who are close to closing, how can real estate professionals not lose touch with others buyers and sellers on the sidelines? For starters, they can automate part of their communication with RISMedia’s Pop-a-Note.

Pop-a-Note is a web-based, auto-email marketing system that helps agents and brokers continue the conversation aside from the standard transaction-related discussion. Emails can be scheduled and sent out to an agent’s contact list, providing them with relevant content they can use about the real estate industry, home improvement industry, and beyond. The facts are always timely and useful, all of which can be tailored to suit your specific audience.

Topics can primarily focus on the real estate industry or be more entertainment- or current events-related. By opening up a non-real estate dialogue, agents can learn more about what their clients like and dislike with hopes of creating a deeper personal connection with them.

Some Pop-a-Note topics include:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Curb Appeal
  • 5 Financial Risks to Consider in Retirement
  • 6 Basic Steps to Home Maintenance

However, if agents feel so inclined, non-real-estate-related notes can be sent, such as:

  • Is Your Bank Account Ready for a Pet
  • 5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online
  • Three Morning Tips to Ease Stress

Pop-a-Note is specially designed to construct conversation and build relationships, one note at a time.

If staying in touch with every one of your clients, past or present, remains a daily challenge, Pop-a-Note can help. With notes sent out whenever you schedule them, Pop-a-Note can help you streamline your emails and client communication in no time.

MRIS customers receive a 10 percent discount. Learn more about Pop-a-Note here or click here for pricing information.

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