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Suggestions From Customers and MRIS Employees are welcome – and on our MRIS Roadmap!

March 24, 2011  |  by Kirk

At MRIS, we love feedback. From you, our customers, and from our internal Customer Support Representatives, who are your first “go-to” contacts for MRIS questions and help,  we’re always interested in suggestions on how we can better improve your MRIS customer experience.

We thought you’d like to hear about the results of an “Internal Innovation Contest” for MRIS Support Center Representatives. A few weeks ago we asked them ­to submit detailed suggestions for MRIS improvements with a chance to win an iPad!

MRIS Customer Support Representatives submitted over 240 detailed suggestions in just three weeks. The contest was a hit, and the results lead to one great conclusion: the majority of the suggestions received echoed feedback we’ve already received from you via From Matrix, Compliance and Mac compatibility to OPS, mobile sites, virtual tours, KPU and much more, the issues that were brought up either are or will be addressed to improve our customers’ business needs in 2011 and beyond.  

One of the lucky winners was MRIS Technical Support Analysts, Laurie E., who has worked at MRIS for 11 years. She said, “While the iPad is a spectacular incentive, it wasn’t the main reason behind sending suggestions. My passion for MRIS and its success make it easy to come up with ideas for improvements. It’s an honor that suggestions are valued from staff and customers. I’m looking forward to seeing what is coming in our future. GO MRIS!!!!”

Another winner, Shawn S., Customer Support Representative, said “Thank you so much for the opportunity to submit my ideas, which led to winning an iPad!  I am very excited to start using it!  I also hope the ideas submitted can be utilized to help improve the system.”

From to office visits and comments, we’re always listening to you and appreciate your feedback.  So keep the feedback coming and we look forward to developing improvements based on your requests.

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3 responses to “Suggestions From Customers and MRIS Employees are welcome – and on our MRIS Roadmap!”

  1. carol simmons says:

    We really need a category "carport" as well as the category "Gar" on the listing summary sheet. When you run the listings in a particular Condominium building and you run the summary there are headings, starting with list price,BR,FB,HB,LVL,FPL,GAR, BSMT and so on. When you have a listing that has a private carport space it shows 0. it puts a home at a tremendous disadvantage.

  2. OSE says:

    Go Laurie! I applaud MRIS for soliciting ideas from its employees…

  3. Louis Pope says:

    MRIS needs to fix the alignment on printouts for address labels. I did a search of addresses in a subdivision from tax records. I chose the Address labels and used the labels recommended #5160 Avery labels. However, the alignment on your printout is off and the bottom half of each page has labels stretching to the next lower label (straddling the label) so they are unusable. We tried it three times and the same problem each time. I called the help desk and they said they had heard about the same problem many times – but they can not fix it ! Please correct your label print out alignment. Thanks, Louis Pope, Broker #4682

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