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Suggestions, Suggestions – What happens next?

February 10, 2011  |  by Kirk

Did you know that MRIS receives thousands of suggestions every year?  As  a Senior Product Manager here at MRIS, I am often asked what happens to those suggestions.

First of all, let me say how grateful we are to get feedback from you!  Whether you submit your ideas and suggestions on our social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, via the suggest link on, through the support center, or through discussions with other MRIS staff members, all great ideas start with you.  It is your feedback that helps us determine where to spend our development resources.

Wondering what happens next after all that listening? Once the suggestions arrive in our office, the marketing group compiles a list by product, and shares it with the product management department each month.  Each product manager reviews the list and determines which suggestions to work on.

The product manager works with our customers, the support center, the client alliance managers, and our development group to make sure we are finding the right solution that meet your needs.  From there, the development is scheduled, completed, tested, communicated, and delivered.  It takes many people to make it happen, but it all starts with you.

Once again, your feedback is important to us and it is very much appreciated.

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