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Survive and Thrive in this Economy

August 9, 2011  |  by Anne

MRIS wants to hear from you.  The stability of the economy across the country is uncertain.  However, the American Dream of owning a home still exists.   And that is why the Real Estate market will remain strong.  So, please share with us your successes and your strategies for coping in these difficult times.  Your stories could be an inspiration for someone else.

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2 responses to “Survive and Thrive in this Economy”

  1. Joel says:

    My top three recommendations for surviving and thriving in this or any economy would be as follows:

    1) Be aware of and try to control the content of your thoughts, because negative, self-defeating thoughts will cause you to fail faster and more powerfully than almost any external conditions ever could.

    2) Don't take temporary failure and rejection so seriously. If you keep trying with renewed energy, optimism, and resilience, than progress is pretty much guaranteed.

    3) Base your actions and outlook on the believe that you are surrounded by opportunities and solutions. It may sometimes seem like a scavenger hunt, but –more often than not — it's worth the effort.

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