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Take Note of These Upcoming Keystone Enhancements

December 4, 2015  |  by Jess

Earlier this year, Keystone received some great improvements with the addition of more “green” listing fields and the creation of the Teams functionality. This month, we’ll be incorporating even more of our customers’ most frequent requests:

copyphotosCopy Listing will soon copy photos! You will be able to copy all of the photos from your previous listings as well as your Agent team’s listings (if you have an Agent team set up in Keystone). When you copy your listing it will include ALL Images, Captions, Descriptions, and even the Main Exterior Designation. If you don’t have to edit a photo, there’s no need to even go into Media Connect!


• You’ll be able to add unbranded virtual tour URLs to your listing. Unbranded means you cannot include your name, company name, logo or other branding on your tour. YouTube would not be an acceptable video hosting solution. Since you would be required to provide broker and agent information to YouTube, the video would no longer be unbranded.


lockbox• If you have a Sentrilock lockbox, you will be able to attach that information to your listing in Keystone so you can track analytics on the number of visits as well as who showed the property, the contact information for that person, and when it was shown – all without having to visit Sentrilock separately. You’ll be able to access this information by clicking on the Lockbox icon for the listing from your Keystone Homepage.


tooltip_addfield• New tooltip popups will highlight time-saving features in Keystone to let you know what the feature is and how to use it. If you do not want to see the tooltip again, simply click the Got It button. You can also “snooze” the tooltip by clicking Show Me Later.


We think these new features will help you work smarter as well as monitor your listing’s activity so you can report back to your clients! Stay tuned to the blog next week for more information on these enhancements.

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27 responses to “Take Note of These Upcoming Keystone Enhancements”

  1. Susan Myszkowski says:

    Awesome additions, thank you very much!

  2. Michael Greenberg says:

    I’m especially glad that we’ll be able to copy pix from our old listings to the revised ones. I just copied one of my listings, and it was so tedious to download the photos individually, particularly adding back in the captions and descriptions. Thank you so much for this. What a true time-saver!

  3. Valerie Blake says:

    Can you give an example of a platform on which a virtual tour or video would be unbranded? How can we keep something totally unbranded when we are required to have our brokerage and phone number on all advertising?

  4. Sean Forschler says:

    Still waiting for den field.

  5. dale says:

    Some good improvements. However when will we be able to track interest in our listings, such as reports on how many hits we have gotten on our listings by agents, by consumers etc. I know this request has been made numerous times but still no update?????

  6. I love the additions and I really hope the next additions involves reports on how many hits have gotten our listings and how many times our listings were shared with agents and saved on auto email.

  7. Sounds great! Looking forward to the additions!

  8. Kim says:

    Any progress being made on the MRIS Mobile App? 2 "issues" I have specifically which makes the app pretty much worthless for me:
    1 – Now you can only edit "Residential" listings — No lots, multi-family, etc
    2 – No "Team" listings option — I work on a team and we only use one of our team members as the "master agent", yet even if I'm listed as the Alternate Agent, I still can't make any changes to my listings from the app because it doesn't register that I have any listings.

    Another issue is Apple product compatibility within Keystone — It's EXTREMELY frustrating trying to make any change to a listing through my browser — Via my IPhone or my IPad.

    Any plans on working out these issues?

  9. Suzanne DesMarais says:

    Love the Sentrilock info in Keystone!!

  10. patty says:

    When this month will the changes be available

  11. Ruth says:

    Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you! Love the Sentrilock addition to Keystone. This will help streamline work for updating sellers on activity! Time is money, and this will definitely save me time. Keep up the good work!

  12. Catherine says:

    Are photos copied ONLY on your own previous listings and your team member's listings? Need to make sure photos are not copied to another agent's new listing from a previous listing, as this would be a violation of copyright unless the new agent had consent from the photographer to utilize those photos. Currently you can copy over the main exterior photo from another person's listing and this does violate copyright. Will this change?

  13. Berith says:


  14. Linda Zenker says:

    it would be very helpful to be able to search ONE FIELD for : Washer/dryer or Washer/Dryer hookup. This is especially helpful with condos where you want to know if a property has at least the existing potential for a personal washer-dryer even if the appliances themselves are not provided in the listing.

    Also – with half-baths and full-baths in separate fields – that makes is quite cumbersome to search for properties such as those having 1.5 or more bathrooms — one full plus one half or 2 full etc.

    Garage Yes/No should be a required field — since it is not possible to fill in 0 on the # of Garage spaces have have that value be used as a search filter.

  15. Kemp Miller says:

    Didn't see an answer to Valerie's question: is there a preferred hosting site(s) for unbranded virtual tours and videos?

  16. John Manchester says:

    Why not add a radio button Agency Disclosure upon making an appointment on Showing Time? It is required by law at first non-fact-to-face contact with the listing broker. Showing Time already has the technology working now with our broker. We've been using it for months with no problems. This is most effective if all MRIS listing agent have this option available. I've discussed this with Showing Time management and they simply need MRIS to authorize this field be added.

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