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Taking a Personal Approach with Past Clients

November 13, 2012  |  by Jess

Sometimes a simple note can make a huge difference.

In one of his inspirational “Sales Tip” posts, real estate sales coach Bruce Keith writes about a coaching client of his who was experiencing a drop-off in her sales. Bruce recommended reconnecting with past clients by sending out just three personal notes a day, and it really paid off! Within two weeks, one of her clients from 12 years prior called her up and told her they wanted to move and needed to sell their home. Now this agent will earn $10K on a sale that never would’ve happened if she hadn’t taken that personal approach.

As Bruce indicates, reaching out to clients after months or years may feel uncomfortable at first, so you might want to take a softer approach to reconnect. If you need a nudge, think about this – you have a 0% chance of success if you don’t try.

Take a few moments to reflect on the work you’ve done for your clients, and be confident that you made a positive impression that they will remember.

Read Bruce Keith’s blog post here.

Have any of you taken or considered taking this approach? Sound off in the comments!

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