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Tax Data

June 15, 2010  |  by Mike

I have been thinking about real estate public records tax data lately. Before becoming a product manager, I spent nine years in the MRIS Data Management Department bringing tax data collection in-house and looking for ways to provide the most timely and accurate information available. We started out with a very limited number of fields from outsourced data collection.  Now we can display up to just over 200 tax data fields. 

I am curious to know as a product manager what tax data is important from various perspectives.  What tax data fields does a realtor use to give the most impact in everyday business?  What are the most relevant tax data fields that an appraiser must have when preparing an appraisal?  What tax data information does a consumer think would help make the quest to find a home easier?

Where would this information be used?  How would it be applied to the particular need? What would a realtor, appraiser, or consumer like to see that would better serve the tax data needs?

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