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The Best Social Media Marketing (it’s not happening on your page)

April 29, 2011  |  by Marie

You can tweet a hundred tweets, get a thousand likes and achieve a number one Google page ranking, but nothing is as effective as getting the stamp of approval from a happy customer in the virtual world. So maybe social media isn’t for you, you’re not interested in a Facebook page, and you don’t get Twitter (and have no desire to figure out the twingo) – it’s no problem! The best marketing online actually requires no additional effort from you at all.

Here is an example that hit my Facebook News Feed just the other day. (See picture to the left). My friend Rich recently bought a new house, and like many others in today’s world, he shared the entire process with his online social circle. From deciding whether or not he wanted to move his little one to a new school, to the weekly updates on houses they viewed and finally the excitement of closing day, he took his entire friend list with him on the journey. Now I don’t know whether the recommendation post was solicited or not, but it is more powerful than any Tweet, Fanpage, blog post, newsletter or paid advertising campaign his real estate agent (Anne) could have paid for. Rich is a trusted source, his friends will listen to him, believe him and therefor feel confident to follow his recommendation.

Just to show you just how powerful this is for your business, let’s stick with my friend Rich’s case.  Rich has 237 Facebook friends, if they are in the market to buy or sell their house you’ve just contacted a warm lead (not only that, they just may remember Rich’s post in the future and come back to him and ask who his real estate agent was), and that message travels even farther, those 237 friends have their own network and because of social media, we are all very in tune to our friends’ lives, so if anyone on their friends list is in the market, they are likely to recommend Rich’s agent if they don’t have their own.

That means you could potentially be exposed to 59,000+ people, for FREE and with no additional effort, all you had to do was the fantastic job you normally would.  So the next time you close with a happy customer, be sure to ask if they have a Facebook, Twitter etc., and get that online recommendation!

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