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The latest trend in real estate marketing!

July 20, 2012  |  by John Heithaus

Our friends at Property Portal Watch report that “Real estate agents are no longer just selling buildings, they pitch the lifestyle which comes along with the property to the buyer interested in purchasing a home.” Read the full article here.

The idea is to promote the property by telling the “story” with a new a fresh perspective. “Photos and panoramic views of properties are useful and can be quite lovely, but this new way of presenting a home is truly amazing. It captivates the viewer and gets his/her buying taste buds going.” I love that comment about “buyer taste buds!”

This is why MRIS added LifeStyle Search (powered by OnBoard Informatics) to Last month, for example, nearly 100,000 visitors to the site accessed the Lifestyle Search tool. This works to increase buyer satisfaction as we “match” the buyer’s lifestyle aspirations with available properties in the MRIS database. This tool helps real estate professionals to provide better customer service at the same time as it narrows potential purchase choices in a clever and unique way.

Here’s one of the videos featured. But be sure to read the article for the other videos. This is brilliant marketing that is sure to catch on in the industry as buyers become more visually driven and connected to lifestyle and non-property features.

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