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The New Keystone, From a Beta Tester’s Perspective

May 7, 2013  |  by Ellen

We’re getting close to implementing the new changes to Keystone to make entering listings faster, easier, and more effective for agents but before we do we’d like to share some of the feedback from one of our Beta testers, agent David Powers of Llewellyn, Realtors. He used the system for the first time a few weeks ago and told us how it felt compared to the old version. His experience was so positive we wanted to share his excitement with you. Read on to hear his thoughts.

What is the first thing you noticed about the new Keystone?

The old Keystone was very click-intensive. You would have to log in and go through each page and click each box, say if you were listing amenities. What I liked about the new one is that everything is right there on the same page and it uses drop down menus. It makes it very easy to select those items.

What is one of your favorite new features?

In the old Keystone you didn’t know where your errors were until you pressed submit. Say if you had three things missing you would have to go to each one of those. Now it is helpful with the red alert buttons on the left margin [that tell you how many fields you still have to fill out]. If you get called away from your desk you can come back and see right away what you have left to do. It is a big improvement!

Which parts of it saved you time?

The drop down menus are much easier to do than the former checkboxes. I found that to be much quicker. And that is going to help agents because they will be much more likely to add information than they were in the old Keystone. Sometimes agents will skip over things that were tedious. They may not add that there’s a gas range, for example. But if it is easy to add it then they’ll be more likely to give information.

Also, the learning curve is much faster for this Keystone than it was for the old Keystone. Most people will enjoy the ability to have everything on one page.

What are some other features you like about the new Keystone?

In the past you had to submit your listing to the MLS and get an MLS number before you could add the Open House information. But now you can add the Open House details as you create the listing [you can also add photos]. It helps being able to put everything in at once. I also think the ability to pre-schedule listings will be a big help to agents. Normally they might put a listing in the night before they’re going to officially list it, but now they can schedule it to be posted on a certain date. It is a big help in terms of getting people not to procrastinate. [Note: this feature isn’t part of the new changes, we implemented it with some of the earlier changes.]

Here’s some additional information from Tim Campbell, Product Manager:

Changes to the Rooms Section
David commented that the Rooms section changed from being a large grid with all the possible rooms displayed to a small tool that allows you to enter only the rooms you have in the house. It’s such a visual difference that the rooms section may be overlooked. We all know that rooms and room sizes is something buyers use to determine if they want to visit a listing so make sure you keep an eye out for the rooms section.

Speed Test Result
In the speed test, we asked David to enter exactly the same listing so we would have an “apples to apples comparison.” However, New Keystone was so quick and easy that David actually entered more data, and he did it in less time. More data, less time the first time he used the product and all without any help. Thanks for your help David, and all the MRIS customers who helped improve the listing entry experience! Watch the overview video at by clicking here.

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One response to “The New Keystone, From a Beta Tester’s Perspective”

  1. This sounds like a much improved system not so confusing… it will be helpful to have the subcategories under the headers in the sidebar on a dropdown menu so that when one wants to change the information they won't have to scroll all the way through the listing to get to that information. such as LISTING: subcategory Room sizes, tax information, tax id, Then next category: PROPERTY: subcategory, lot dimensions, orientation, amenities etc.?

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