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The Science of Making Decisions

March 7, 2011  |  by John Heithaus

The Science of Making Decisions – Newsweek.

Recently, Newsweek ran an article  “I Can’t Think“, which features Angelika Dimoka, director of the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University.


Here’s a quote: “with too much information, ” says Dimoka, ‘people’s decisions make less and less sense. So much for the ideal of making well-informed decisions.’ For earlier generations, that mean simply the due diligence of looking things up in a reference book. Today, with Twitter and Facebook and countless apps fed into our smart phones, the flow of facts and opinion never stops.”

This speaks to the heart of why consumers need a real estate professional to help them navigate the home buying and selling process. MRIS’ most recent market study, “Keepin’ in Real”, provides proof positive of this fact. We hope that you find the study valuable in your business development efforts!

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