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The Trainer Talks about First Floor Master Bedrooms

April 25, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Master BedroomDoes your listing have a First Floor Master Bedroom? Many buyers may be looking for that feature so be sure to make that information searchable by buyer agents in Matrix.

Listing Agents, use these hints to promote the First Floor Master Bedroom in Keystone:

1. Remarks – use words in your Agent/General Remarks, (ex: Main Level Master) that can be searched by Buyer Agents doing a keyword search.

2. Add Rooms – look for the section called BUILDING: Rooms. From the multi-select list, choose Master Bedroom; indicate that it is on the Main Level. Note: In the next release of Keystone, you will have the ability to arrange rooms in your preferred order. Click here to learn more about what new enhancements are included the next Keystone release.

3. Photos – promote that first floor master bedroom by adding a Caption and Description to the photos of the properties. Also, remember you can use High Resolution photos for clarity. The upcoming Keystone enhancements mean upload times should be reduced by 30 to 50%. Photos lower than the minimum recommended photo size of 1024 x 768 pixels or greater will receive a Low Resolution Warning message.

Buyer agents, use Matrix to locate properties with a First Floor Master Bedroom by:

1. Adding the field called Remarks General to your Matrix Search Screen. Use this to search for keywords the listing agent entered. Note: You can add fields by clicking Add/Remove next to Additional Fields underneath the search fields in Matrix.

2. Creating a custom display and be sure to include the column called BedroomMaster1Level. Search for listings using the criteria your client desires. Change the display to view your custom display and sort by the column called, BRMaster1Level. Note: You can create custom displays under My Matrix. Click Settings to get to the Custom Displays section.

For more information on topics covered here, visit MRIS has training tutorial videos, Classroom Training, and On Demand Virtual Training.

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4 responses to “The Trainer Talks about First Floor Master Bedrooms”

  1. Beth says:

    #1 – FYI MRIS, let's talk about the real world; unless 100% of agents use the EXACT same words … no agent can possibly enter all the combinations that will appear. Is it MBR ML, ML MBR, 1st Floor Master, etc. The combos are endless.
    #2 – do you MRIS staff know how many agents do not enter ANY rooms or enter rooms and not the levels? Again, if you use this criteria to search and the agent doesn't enter rooms … you miss the house.
    #3 – MRIS .. where do the descriptions show up that we as agents will see?? Just looked at my listing with descriptions entered, but the descriptions do not show up on the photos, just the room labels: living room, kitchen, Bedroom Master, etc. On my listing if i go to the virtual tour to see the description only the paid TruPlace VT is there, which does show a master on the main level on the floor plan … but no MRIS photos with descriptions. So, again – this method doesn't work.
    Just my two cents why searching for a main level MBR is not available. Or, it is available, but it doesn't work.

  2. Marita Willoughby says:

    Can a Realtor use the term: Perfect for an extended family?

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