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This Monday, Business As You Know It Is About To Change…

September 5, 2012  |  by Anne

Business as you know it is about to change next week! Join us on September 10th for the live unveiling of MRIS’s exciting new product. We have been hard at work designing this revolutionary product, and we can’t wait to allow MRIS customers to start using it!

Watch the teaser video below and remember to tune into or on Monday at 5:30 p.m. to watch MRIS President & CEO David Charron’s live unveiling at the Maryland Association of REALTORS® (MAR) Conference in Ocean City, MD. Join us online for the live stream so you can feel the excitement from the convenience of your home. Get excited, this is really BIG news!

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8 responses to “This Monday, Business As You Know It Is About To Change…”

  1. R.D.III says:

    When you add a "more info" or "learn more" button to the link, there should be something added to the content of your message not just a recap of the same hype. Waiting till Monday 9/10/12.

  2. BJ Matson says:

    what a waste of my time. If you haven't, DONT waste your time on above teaser. it tells you absolutely nothing. just MRIS patting itself on the back.

  3. Jim Cramer says:

    This in just more Crap! I am going to stop reading any of your messages!

  4. MRIS_Anne says:

    Hi R.D., BJ and Jim, the teaser above is intended to get everyone excited for the big announcement on Monday and to allow MRIS customer to be more involved in the official unveiling.

    For the first time, we are inviting MRIS customers to partake in something this big. And we are talking BIG! One of our recent beta tester just said, "This is a game changer and couldn't be easier to use! I'm grateful that MRIS listened to us as users. Thanks, MRIS!"

    If you are unable to join us for the unveiling on, just remember to check your email to see for yourself what the big announcement is! We are confident you will be extremely happy with the end result.

  5. Richard Snow says:

    I don't appreciate your disrespect of my time. If you want me to take your messages seriously, deliver something worthwhile. Otherwise, I won't visit next time.

  6. Well, there's one thing I can say about Realtors. We're consistent… Consistently negative, but consistent. I'm probably one of the most critical people when it comes to technology and MRIS has never let me down. Why do so many people feel the need to complain?

    Anyone who understands marketing and building hype, gets this. It was designed to get people interested… It's a teaser. It's a marketing skill that many agents would benefit from.

    Some of you were looking so hard for a reason to complain about a lack of a message, that you missed the actual message… The message was that there is something new coming out, it'll be delivered on Monday at 5:30 and you should login to find out what it is.

    Apple does this all the time. They just did the notice that there will a release of some new stuff on September 12th… The shadow of the date is a "5" in watermark. It eludes to the new iPhone – it's marketing, it's hype it's cool.

    Personally, I thought this was a very clever way of inviting me to a product announcement. It certainly started a buzz in my company, including a few agents who wanted to know why we don't do videos like this.

    MRIS – keep up the good work. Don't let a few vocal people stop you from being innovative.

  7. Bill Aitch says:

    The Keystone interface is fixed? Tab fields in the Matrix search page follow a logical progression?? Settlement Express has taxes already entered per jurisdiction?? Transaction Type includes Rentals?? A $300 home pricing Wizard that does a little more than multiply square footage and tax assessments?? A document signing program that links directly to ZipForms?

    Can't wait for this one. And the teaser is a ridiculous waste of time.

  8. MRIS_CMO says:

    Thanks to everyone that has weighed in on this topic. As the executive in charge of this effort (along with Mike Belak, our CIO) I can tell you it's been a long a winding road to this announcement due to a number of factors that were out of our control. Some were legal, other technical. After thousands of hours of research and development, we've moved forward!

    As the headlines "tease" we are changing the way you will do business from today forward. With our GEN M product roadmap, a steady stream of enhancements are in process for the rest 2012 and 2013. These will be provided at no additional cost. MRIS RESource Blog will keep you posted in real time.

    We've not raised monthly subscription fees in over 10 years and have no current plans to change that. MRIS is benchmarked and nationally recognized as one of the best values in MLS systems and we plan to keep it that way. Stay tuned for more.

    Thank you all for your business and for your candid comments above. We strive to deliver "real estate in real time" to help you manage the digital/social/empowered customers of today and we will rely on your feedback to guide us in this mission. John Heithaus

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