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Three Compliments We Thank You For

June 23, 2010  |  by Cassie


The MRIS Support Center took part in last week’s international celebration of Contact Center Week. Nearly every industry has such an observance of some sort, but it meant a lot to us here at MRIS. Our Support Center staff are the ones who take all the calls, answer all the emails, come in during snow storms (remember February?) to be able to help those people we care about the most at MRIS, our customers — you!

thank you signAnd sure, you could say “it’s their jobs,” but it’s a job done really really well.  And so the food and the costumes and the contests are well deserved.

We are so pleased to get great responses from our customers. After sending out a news item about Contact Center Week, we got some emails in return that really did us good.

From one customer: “No matter how small or big a problem is, You people go for the “can do”  “can solve” the problem.”

Another made us feel great by saying: “I do not need to call your support center often, but when I do, the personnel there are always: Friendly, Knowledgeable, Efficient, Willing to go the extra mile to get the answers I need.”

And one more: “the telephone support staff have been unfailingly polite, helpful and nearly always able to resolve any issue, even if it was not directly related to MRIS.”

Wow. This means a lot to us.

While it may be redundant to say “thank you” for saying “thank you,” we really mean it.

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