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Tight on Time? See What You Can Do on MRIS-U!

November 18, 2011  |  by Dessie

Are you short on time but looking to take advantage of MRIS products and services?  MRIS-U offers a plethora of information and tools to help you list more, sell more and earn more.

Even with a time crunch, there is still plenty to take advantage of with MRIS-U!

Have 1 extra hour?  Register for a virtual course and enjoy the training of an instructor directly from your home or office, all you need is a browser and phone line.

Have 20 to spare?  Download a student guide to review what is covered in our training classes.

Can you squeeze in 5 minutes?  Watch a training tutorial on a specific subject in Matrix, such as speed bar, CMA, Driving Directions, Search by Map, etc.  Or view a tutorial on various other products, like WebSettlement Xpress, ListHub, and Media Connect.

Only have one minute? Signing up for a class is quick and painless and can be completed in 2 clicks.  Just find a class you like and select the enroll button.

Training tools range from registering for classroom and virtual trainings, downloading student guides and user manuals or watching a training tutorial on demand.  There is a lot to be accomplished on MRIS-U, your portal to training at any time.

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