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Tip of the Day: New Launching October 18th!

October 12, 2010  |  by Marie

We will be launching the new and improved on October 18th and just so you can get acquainted with where things will be located, we will be providing you with tips every day until launch.

So be sure to check here or Matrix News!  We welcome your questions in the comments.  Today’s Tip:

Logging In: 

To log in you will use your same credentials, no changes here.

On the homepage, the log in box will be located at the bottom left hand corner.  Click for screen shot

On the internal pages the log in box will be located at the top of the right hand side. Click for a screen shot.

Accessing Matrix & KeystoneOnce you are logged in you will see your Quick Links in that same box, that will appear on every page.  To access Matrix, Keystone, Your MRIS Email, MRISFax, simply click to them from this box.  Click for screen shot.

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