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Today’s Luxury Market Looks A Little Different

January 28, 2014  |  by Ellen

Luxury HomesA recent New York Times article looks at how the market for luxury homes has come back noticeably in the past year or two but buyer requirements are starting to look different than they did during the last boom cycle. One of the homes they mention is in Leesburg, VA and besides having some of the usual luxury amenities (a large master bedroom and open plan kitchen) it also has one of the newer requests from today’s high-end buyers: a “dirty” kitchen. This smaller cooking area is in close proximity to the main kitchen but isn’t in direct view so when guests come over they can gather more comfortably in the room party guests always congregate in. 

The article goes on to explain the preference for homes that are closer to major job centers, instead of the faraway “McMansion” developments that were popular five to ten years ago. Plus, luxury buyers are focusing on exteriors more than they used to since that alone can impact the resale value of a property more than most other amenities. Click through here to read more about what top tier homes need to have to attract today’s buyers.

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