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Too Many Matrix Emails? De-Clutter Your Inbox with Email+!

June 7, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

What does your email inbox look like?

Keep your email inbox from being cluttered with Matrix emails that you have Blind Copied to yourself. A feature in Matrix allows you to view sent email without having to copy yourself. From My Matrix you will click Contacts, then you will click on the name of your contact. Look for the View in Email+ button. You will be able to view the sent email the way the client/customer will see it.

Another way to view the sent email from My Matrix is to look in the green navigation bar under the tabs and click Sent Email. Here you will find, by date, the emails that you have sent out. For auto emails, the link indicates how many new listings/updated listings went out. Click on the New/Updated link to view the listings.

Encourage your client/customer to mark “hearts” on their faves. To see their “hearts” from My Matrix, then Contacts. Look across the top to see a heart, light bulb, and trashcan. Click the number under the heart that corresponds with the Contact name to see likes, possibilities or deletes.

A video from MRISTV that demonstrates all of the features of Email+ can be sent to your clients, but you might want to watch it, too. The link to the video is:

For more information on Auto Email and Matrix Email+ make sure to attend a Matrix 101 class. MRIS offers classes near you and virtual classes (over the Internet). Click here to view courses available from MRIS-U.

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