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Top 3 Factors That Impact Listing Accuracy:

November 17, 2010  |  by Anne

1. Data source: Data pulled directly from the MLS is most likely to be the most accurate information available. Just think, the MLS is one place where the agent will not forget to change the listing details such as price or status. If your syndication program is MLS-connected, listings can be updated online automatically as these changes are made in the MLS. ListHub was built as an MLS-sourced platform, specifically to uphold the highest possible standards for current and accurate data.

2. Re-syndication: There are many problems caused by the practice of re-syndication, and the issue of listing accuracy is one of the biggest. When listings are passed from one database to the next, and to the next… and to the next, this automatically increases room for error and the MLS/broker/agent loses the ability to contact a responsible party for help correcting the problem. Many companies re-syndicate data, but not with ListHub listings! Even those companies who make re-syndication a part of their business practice are forbidden to re-syndicate listings received from ListHub.

3. Channel/Publisher policies: Most reputable channels/publishers refresh listings daily, and purge inactive listings within a day or a couple of days. Some sites wait longer to remove the listing. You can review the ListHub channel scorecard to see the data refresh and inactive listing removal policies of the channels/publishers within the ListHub network. Share this free resource with your members! It will guide them in making important decisions about where they choose to send their listings.

ListHub is included as a Core Product in your MRIS membership.  Learn more about ListHub, its features and user tools.

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