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Top Producers using eSignatures to Drive More Business

April 22, 2013  |  by John

Editor’s Note: Happy Earth Day! You could reduce your paper consumption with an eSignature solution. Learn more about Authentisign by reading this post, written by John Peretz for Authentisign.

In years past, if you were using an eSignature like Authentisign, it was somewhat of a novelty. But the market has changed so dramatically, that if you’re not using an eSignature solution, you’re probably missing out.

That’s because eSignatures have gone mainstream, and it saves a considerable amount of time in the process. And just like ATM machines, laptops and smartphones, once you start using eSignatures you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

So, what took eSignatures so long to catch on, considering the U.S. federal ESIGN Act was enacted in 2000 by President Bill Clinton and gave the same legal validity to an eSignature as one done with a pen and ink?

For one, certain states were slower to adapt than others, especially in the area of real estate law. But officially, real estate purchase and sale agreements can be executed electronically now in all 50 states.

But if you’re a busy real agent professional, having Authentisign or another esignature solution can be a huge time saver, not to mention a deal maker.

With the real estate market heating up, and the demand for lower priced or distressed properties shrinking fast, you may be in situation where multiple offers and counteroffers are the norm. Being able to write offers in the field is a huge advantage, and a big time saver.

It also allows you to have a lot more flexibility. Let’s say you were on vacation, and you need a signed counteroffer. Now with a few clicks, you can get up to speed without having it wreck your time away from the office.

It’s also invaluable when you’re working with international buyers and sellers, since you don’t have to pay expensive courier fees and wait for days for documents to arrive.

MRIS offers Authentisign to their customers at a discounted rate.

Authentisign has over 200,000 North American subscribers and was selected after a formal review. Here just a few Authentisign benefits:

  • FHA-approved and ESIGN-compliant
  • PC or Mac Compatible
  • Easy Drop and Drag Signing Blocks
  • Complimentary Toll-free Help Line

So if you’re ready to stop chasing all over town for signatures, consider an eSignature solution for your real estate business.

Contact MRIS for more information about Authentisign and our discounted pricing.

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