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Trainer Talks: Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

March 20, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

Happy Wednesday! We are fortunate to have another great post from MRIS Trainer Diane Ives that answers a few frequently asked questions she receives about CMAs in MATRIX from her class attendants.

Why isn’t there a print report that shows closing costs paid by seller?

That report can be found in the CMA Wizard. In the Pages button choose Summary Detail. On that report, you will find List Price, Sold Price, Sold Date, and Subsidy.

When I do a CMA I cannot obtain a search result but if I run the same search in the General Search Screen, I do get search results. What is going on?

The CMA Search Screen has a preset system default which means that all statuses have been preselected and a Closed Date and Off Market Date have been entered. If you decide to unselect Expired, Withdrawn, and Temp Off statuses then also remove the Off Market Date otherwise you will get the message “No listings were found using your search criteria.”

Is there a report that shows the Net Price (Closed Price minus Closing Costs paid by the seller)?

That report is available in two places; (1) the blue Reports button located under your search results – choose Stats Analysis Detail and (2) in the CMA Wizard – Pages button where it is called Statistics Detail.

Why is my CMA button grayed out?

The CMA action button will only turn blue (become active) once you have selected listings to work with (100 property limit).

What types of resources are available within Matrix to help with CMA?

MRIS has tax records, maps with satellite view, Birds Eye view, school boundaries, and parcel overlay (where available), and a link to the County Tax site. You will also find a link to the Property History and Community Information.

How can I get a zip code report of Market Activity to use with my CMA?

RBI (Real Estate Business Intelligence) offers complete and up to date county and zip code monthly statistics. These reports are published on the 10th of the month and can be used to add strength to your CMA.

MRIS does offer training classes. I’d like to suggest the following classes be added to your upcoming schedule; MATRIX V102 – CMA’s, Present Listings with Confidence, MRIS V102 – Simple Solutions to Use Public Records, MATRIX 101The Need-to-Knows of Matrix or MATRIX 301 – Success with StatsMatrix V102 and MRIS V102 are offered as webinars (over the Internet) and MATRIX 101 and MATRIX 301 are offered in the Association Offices. To enroll in a class, click here .

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6 responses to “Trainer Talks: Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)”

  1. Is there anyway to print out a statistics page with the adjusted prices instead of the actual sold price? That info would be very helpful to give to a potential listing client.

  2. MRIS_Diane says:

    Hi Christy,
    When selecting pages to use in CMA, select Price Analysis with Photo. Once you do that, your adjustments button will become active (highlighted). Click on the Adjustments Button, make the monetary adjustments using a minus sign before the value to deduct from the comp; no sign necessary to add a value just type the amount. Adjustments will be made and will be visible on the report. Note: Always check with your sales manager to find out what types of adjustment to make and what values to use.

  3. rayford says:

    is cloud cma a better product or a more user friendly product to use that what i get from mris.

  4. Wendy says:

    How do we see school boundaries?

  5. Ari Klein says:

    I am trying to do a CMA with a map view. I just want to see active and sold. The results that I want to see are " list price< X , sold price>y." The problem that I have is that every sold listing also has a list price. And y is much more than X. Is there a way around this?

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