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Trainer Talks: Keystone Map Info

August 8, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

Mapping has come a long way since cartographers toiled over drafting tables. Sextants, compasses, telescopes and chains have been replaced by satellite data.

During the MRIS Keystone 101 class I’m often asked about map information. Here’s a quick list of the top items I’m asked about:

ADC – ADC maps are published by Kappa Map Group. ADC was started by a photographer in the Northern Virginia area as he photographed houses for sale and mapped the locations.

Directions – When entering directions into Keystone, be detailed and specific. Please don’t simply direct anyone to GPS or third party mapping services. Refer to Sec. 21 of the MRIS Rules and Regulations for more information.

GIS – Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS is used to integrate hardware, software, and data. This information may then be analyzed for relationships, patterns and more. It is because of GIS that MRIS has Parcel Overlay Maps in many of our search areas.

GPS – Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS satellites provide information that is used as a reference point. Reference points are analyzed to determine coordinates on Earth in terms of latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Nokia Maps – This is the brand of maps used in Keystone.

Push Pin – Every listing Push Pin should be viewed by the listing agent to verify that it is positioned correctly. The location of the Listing Push Pin will determine what people see when they click on the map icon or get Driving Directions in Matrix. Change the location for your Listing’s Push Pin from the Keystone Home Page using the Map Icon found to the right of each listing. Look for the Promotion Icons and click the Globe (Map Icon). Once it opens, press down on the Push Pin and drag it to the correct location. Remember to submit your listing for the change to take effect.

TBM – Thomas Brothers Maps (TBM) was a California map maker that made spiral bound map books. The company was purchased by Rand McNally in the late 90s.

Want or need to know more? MRIS is offering the Keystone 101 virtual class (Webinar) on August 22 at 10:00. Click here to register.

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9 responses to “Trainer Talks: Keystone Map Info”

  1. Elsa Rake says:

    The question for me is, how do we know what the ADC or any other coordinates, etc are for any particular property?

  2. Buck says:

    What are we supposed to do when we look at a listing and the directions say: use gps or use google?

  3. Dick Simpson says:

    Unfortunately, many listing agents do not adjust the push pin. Although (if there are pictures!) I can usually match up the exterior picture with the actual property, clients do not always have the skill or the patience to do that and the misalignment by even a few houses can make a difference in the client interest in a particular property. Eventually the mapping programs will probably indicate actual house numbers but we aren't there yet . . .

  4. I really, really need to have MRIS Maps show the TIMES! For instance, if it were to show how many minutes between each address, then I could better estimate what TIME we would arrive at showings. This is important to the people living in the home so that they can be out of the home around the time we get there. PLEASE ask someone to include TIMES on the maps! THANK YOU! Trish Corvelli

  5. Oh, and please get rid of the ADC requirement. That is rarely used in today's time. Put in the TIMES, as requested above, instead. Cheers!

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