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True Love For Homeowners Differs For Men And Women

February 14, 2014  |  by Ellen

Happy Valentine's DayWith Valentine’s Day upon us it is only fair that we try to figure out what makes someone fall in love with a home. Not surprisingly it isn’t exactly the same for men and women, according to a recent survey by Though both sexes cite outdoor living spaces as the top characteristic to make them fall in love with a home, the opinions diverge after that.

Amongst women, 42% of respondents said that they swoon over open floor plans compared to only 30% of men. Those numbers stay almost exactly the same when it comes to whether or not their current home crush is out of their price range with 41% of women and 30% of men falling in love with a home they can’t afford. Then there’s the garage question. For women, it didn’t seem to rank very high. But a full 40% of men say that is an attribute that can make them fall in love with a house.

There are more fun statistics on their original post so go here to get all the info. They’ve also provided a Valentine’s Day-themed infographic agents can use on their websites that illustrates all the details.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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