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Trust Your Gut: A Cautionary Tale For Real Estate Professionals

October 25, 2013  |  by Ellen

Stay SafeA savvy female Pennsylvania real estate agent managed to avoid a horrific tragedy by following her instincts. When a potential client wanted to meet her at a model home but showed strange behavior and didn’t seem to interested in facts about the house (such as the price), she let her gut guide her and told the client he could go visit the property by himself. He returned to her office less than an hour later and insisted she come with him to see the property because he had found a water leak. Instead she asked a male colleague to go check on the property and when he entered the room the other man left abruptly.

The agent notified the police with a description of the man and authorities were able to match that to descriptions other agents had reported with similar circumstances. Upon searching the man’s car, police found duct tape, chains, a padlock, two handguns, and ammunition. Plus, written descriptions of how he planned to carry out his attack. He has since been sentenced to at least ten years in prison so luckily no one was harmed.

Go here to read the full story and please pass the message around about how important it is to take precautions while doing something as seemingly innocent as showing a home. If you have any tips you follow please share them in the comments so other agents can learn from them. There are several mobile phone apps that can show your location to people you choose as well as provide emergency alerts. Here are a few that we found, but please let us know of others we might have missed.

Note: The links to the above mobile apps are provided for your information only and not as an endorsement. MRIS is not affiliated with the companies responsible for any of the above applications.

Thanks to Inman News for the link to the original story.

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4 responses to “Trust Your Gut: A Cautionary Tale For Real Estate Professionals”

  1. Ritu Desai says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It is scary. I am glad that Realtor is safe.

  2. Hopefully everyone will pass this around. We all get a little too comfortable and assume everything is fine.

  3. Dorothy Donato says:

    I just found a self defense instructor who will provide classes in the Frederick area. I know that i need to be more alert. I also need to be able to take out an attacker quickly and to learn the signs of aggression. I am one of those who assumes everyone is friendly.

    If anyone is interested in self defense instruction they can contact me. Dot Donato

  4. Guest says:

    I had a similar "gut feeling" when a man insisted that I show him a commercial building that was also residential in having several apartments. He wanted to see it with no one else there. I could not get a male colleague to go with me at that time, so I called the male listing agent, and had him meet us there. The man glared at me the whole time, and his story changed from one minute to the next. There was a very, very large dark basement, which he insisted on seeing, and both the listing agent and I stayed near the entrance while he looked around. He left abruptly after that. He then called me on my cell to tell me never, never have someone else there with me again or he would take his business elsewhere. It was fine with me! Even the male listing agent made a remark to me about the man after he left, saying "I think you made a wise decision to have me meet you here". You just never know about people, but please, TRUST YOUR GUT!

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