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Tune Into for a Sneak Peek of the NEW Keystone Homepage!

March 20, 2012  |  by Debbie

Hundreds of MRIS customers have already previewed the new Keystone Homepage and are excited about the time saving changes ahead! Soon, you’ll be able to make price adjustments on the fly, schedule when your listing changes will hit the MLS and so much more. Watch the recorded Keystone 100 webinar below or sign up for an in class demonstration at an association near you to learn more.


Remember, the new Keystone Homepage requires an updated internet browser. Find out if you need to upgrade.

Keep reading the MRISblog to learn how the new Keystone Homepage will help you manage your listings faster than ever before!


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2 responses to “Tune Into for a Sneak Peek of the NEW Keystone Homepage!”

  1. Deb Valainis says:

    I love the new Keystone Homepages changes. Is there going to be an option to edit or add new listings for someone else in your office as well as your own?

    • Tim Campbell says:

      Hi Deb. Good question but a little difficult to answer in a concise manner. The short answer is that you do have the ability to add/edit a new listing of other agents in your office. The New listings are visible to the listing agent and check-out agent only. So two agents can collaborate, but not a team of agents. The new homepage doesn’t include a formal “Teams” feature just yet. Teams is on our list for later this year and will react similarly to how Matrix Teams currently does but with a broker twist since they are the true owner of the listing. We had to build the foundation before we really facilitate smooth collaboration between teams.

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