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Two Employees Receive MRIS President’s Award for Second Time

May 6, 2013  |  by Jess

If being awarded the President’s Award once is a great honor, imagine what the second time feels like.

Two MRIS employees, Ed Price and Jonas Cail, now know exactly how it feels as they were honored by winning this coveted MRIS award for the second time. These exemplary MRIS employees join Client Alliance Manager Sue Pinder as the 2013 Award winners.

In MRIS President & CEO David Charron’s remarks, he said the following about Ed Price’s professionalism and character:

Ed’s technical skills, dedication, passion, character, display of professionalism even in a stressful situation, and his relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction puts him in a class with few others.

Regarding Jonas Cail’s service and commitment to MRIS, David said:

Jonas knows when the lights at the MRIS office automatically turn on and off. He works late and starts early at every need and does it with passion. Technical skills are key in Information Technology (IT), interpersonal skills are desired, and an overall understanding of our company’s vision and direction are key in IT and business. He exhibits all of these traits and does his work at the highest levels of quality and excellence.

You may not see them out in the field, but the work Jonas and Ed do behind the scenes keeps things running smoothly and MRIS moving forward. We are proud to have them at MRIS and congratulate them for jobs well done!

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3 responses to “Two Employees Receive MRIS President’s Award for Second Time”

  1. David Charron says:

    Nicely done guys! Very proud of you!

  2. Monica says:

    Great to see two exemplary employees do what they and loving it!

  3. Holly says:

    KUDOS to Ed and Jonus! Thanks for keeping everything ticking 🙂

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