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Upcoming Changes to Matrix: HTML and PDF Reports

January 9, 2014  |  by Jess

In the upcoming release of Matrix, you’ll notice that after you’ve selected your listings and clicked “Print,” you will be presented with two options for printing reports: HTML Reports and PDF Reports.

When you click “Print,” Matrix will default to this faster printing HTML Report option, but you’ll still be able to print your PDF reports. Just click the PDF Reports tab to view/print the PDF formatted reports you’ve had in the past – nothing has changed with your PDF reports.
PDF Reports
However, compared to PDF reports, the HTML reports are faster to print and can be customized. The header you’ve created in the Settings section of My Matrix can be added these to the HTML report(s) you’re printing. You can also choose to print your search criteria on your selected report(s). Finally, you can use the “Ink Saver” setting to exclude images when printing to save ink.

Take a couple of minutes to see these tabs in action by watching the short tutorial below:

Please Note: Microsoft Word reports will no longer be an print option in the new version of Matrix.

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8 responses to “Upcoming Changes to Matrix: HTML and PDF Reports”

  1. andy says:

    Still wondering if this solves the problems with matrix in iOS7 on an iPhone. Any updates to share?

  2. Shirley Matlock says:

    Great update! Thanks. Thanks for the short tutorial, too!

  3. Anne Davis says:

    Would like to see the customer synopsis and agent synopsis to go back to printing on one page like the old system before the update. Seems the new report has a lot of white space at the top. Lets try and save paper where we can.

  4. grondoline says:

    What Anne Davis said

  5. Jack Lawlor says:

    Where is the email function?

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