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Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Field Definitions and More

May 1, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

How many times while entering a listing have you asked, “What does that term mean?” One of the upcoming Keystone enhancements will help answer that question.

New enhancements to Keystone will include definitions for nearly every field name and almost every Picklist option. Click the field name label to view a definition. Also, we are focusing on adding more new fields to Keystone throughout the year, so if you think of important fields please let us know by using the Feedback link at the bottom of the Keystone screen.

Other Upcoming Keystone Updates/Enhancements:

schedule_onlineNew Show Instructions Picklist Option: Schedule Online – We’re adding “Schedule Online” to our picklist options under Show Instructions. This is a highly requested change from customers who use the ShowingTime product for their listings and will help identify the preferred method of scheduling showings to agents in Matrix.

Standard Transaction Type – The word “Sale” will be removed from the transaction type “Standard Sale” since it is used by both sale and rental listings.

Remarks Clarification – New labels on the two remarks fields will help to clarify which group of people will see which type of remarks. The new labels will help clarify which remarks are Agent-to-Agent (General) and Agent-to-Consumer (Internet). Remember, the Agent-to-Consumer remarks appear on Customer Printouts, Matrix Email+, and on Internet sites.

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2 responses to “Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Field Definitions and More”

  1. Dick Stoner says:

    Well, this would all be good if Keystone worked !!! We get only a blue screen when we try to open Keystone this morning…. and with a new listing that needs edits, it doesn't help our business. Please, please, please remember the Realtors who are relying on the system to market homes….. it's only as good as it works for us.

  2. TLC says:

    These are poor definitions. Agent-to-agent should not be labeled "General," because they aren't. They are very specifically for agents. Why not just say Agent-to-Agent or Non-Public? "Internet" should simply be "Public."

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