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Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Photos

April 28, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Photos in KeystoneConsumers today are often on a digital house hunt. They start their search on the Internet, may drive by before contacting an agent, and may even look at the photos on the App while they are inside the house.

Make those photos promote the listing. Use High Resolution photos, select a category, remove the category from the Caption Field and write a Custom Caption. Move on to Description field and describe the photo.

Updates we are making to Keystone will alert you with a Low Resolution Warning message when you’ve uploaded photos that are lower than the minimum recommended photo size. You’ll also see a small yellow triangle with an exclamation point on any photo that is lower than the minimum recommended photo size of 1024 x 768 pixels or greater. Remember, photos that are larger than what Keystone requires are automatically resized by Media Connect, so you can upload the largest photos you have and let Media Connect handle the rest.

Also, changes to the upload process are expected to reduce your total upload time by 30-50%, depending on your Internet connection speed. What does this mean for you? You’ll be able to upload your High Resolution Photos (up to 30 at once!) in less time!

Editor’s Note: More information about Keystone Enhancements will be coming this week, so stay tuned to the MRIS Blog to learn more!

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4 responses to “Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Photos”

  1. The one thing I REALLY would like is a LARGER FIELD for the display of the uploaded photos in Keystone. It drives me NUTS peering at those tiny, tiny pictures, trying to organize them.

  2. Michael G. says:

    I agree with you in not recognizing your own pix b/c they are so small. One rather small idea is to right click on each of your photos and rename them before you send them to Media Connect. New titles will appear above your photos when you caption them and then sort. This worked especially with my virtual tour vendor's pix.

  3. I believe it is totally unnecessary to have the required fields for photos whereby we must indicate each photo as "exterior, exterior front, exterior rear, exterior general, etc. What a waste of time to perform this redundant task! I find it hard to believe one cannot tell the front exterior of a house from the rear exterior, from a photo of a garden or a shed as exterior general. Or, a bedroom from a dining room, from a……. well you get the picture (no pun intended)! This really does take substantial time to do on 30 photos, and I, in my humble opinion, do not see the benefit in it! Just my humble opinion.

    Overall I think MRIS an "outstanding" System!! I only wish our Paragon System was more similar to MRIS!

  4. Bill Wootan says:

    Still want the room sizes to be in feet and inches – it measures 12'5" – I would put in 12' many put in 13'

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