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Upcoming Keystone Updates: Celebrate Your Independence!

July 4, 2014  |  by Jess

Celebrate Keystone!

All week we’ve posted about the new enhancements coming up for Keystone, but there are more updates than there are days in this work-week, and today is a holiday! In honor of the day, let’s celebrate your upcoming independence from having to do the following in Keystone:

1. Staying up late to submit a listing. No more will you have to wait until the right time to click the Submit button, especially if it’s past your bedtime. With the Submit Later button, you’re able to schedule your listing to submit on a date up to 14 days in the future.

Find a Field2. Hunting everywhere for the field/picklist option you need. A new Find A Field box will be added to the top of the Listing Add/Edit screen to help you find fields and picklist options quickly. You type in the name you’re searching for, and fields/picklist items will appear in a drop-down menu. Hover over the term for a quick definition or click the term to jump to where the item is located.

Note: Any fields that are mandatory will display in red if they have not been filled in yet.

3. Filling in every piece of Open House information for the same listing each time you schedule an Open House. The ability to copy over Open House information is coming. You’ll have everything filled in but the new date!

4. Waiting for what might feel like an eternity for your listing to open so you can edit it. New Keystone updates will reduce the amount of time it takes to “checkout” your listing.

We hope you’ll enjoy these great new updates that are just around the corner. While they won’t greatly impact your current workflow, they will help save you some time and frustration. Make sure you read all of the posts from this week for more information on each of the updates – Attached Document Counts (in Keystone AND Matrix), the option to auto-populate Schools Information, Listing Alert Emails, and new Rental Fields.

Have a safe and fun July 4th everyone! The MRIS Support Center is open today from 8:30am to 5pm and can be reached by phone, email or chat. Visit for contact information.

Happy 4th of July

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15 responses to “Upcoming Keystone Updates: Celebrate Your Independence!”

  1. These new features are greatly appreciated, esp. the ability to schedule listing uploads to MLS ahead of time. If there was one more thing you could do for me it would be to program easier functionality to work from my IPad. It's my device of choice when I have appointments outide the office or am out of town.

  2. Kathy Fong says:

    I thanks you for continuing to improve Keystone and MRIS. I’d like to suggest a way that listings in workroom can be shared by team or Assistants prior to entry, so that edits or additions can be entered before going live! It would sure help the work flow.

    Also , better ways to search tax records when creating mailings for a new listing or such. There are some odd reports that aren’t particularly easy to work from in export mode.

    Thanks – Kathy

  3. Jerry Boyer says:

    Have you fixed the photo input so you do more than one function without it signing out?

  4. Gary Butler says:

    I would like to see the view documents turn a different color or flash when something has been downloaded to it. Agents seem to forget to look there for plats, soils, lead based paint, etc. If it flashed or turned red it would get their attention.

  5. Adam Shively says:

    I wanted to know if there was any thought about allowing us to move on to remarks, etc as our photos prepare and save in the background?? As we work through, that timeout is precious in the picture uploads…

  6. Stacy Hennessey says:

    I would love to see what the listing is actually going to look like on MRIS before it goes live. This way we can tweek the final product. Now we only see the photos in miniature, etc If we need to change something, we need to take it off of being live, edit, and put back on again…

  7. Jerry hodges says:

    Why cant I require the use of both the listing broker application and the listing broker lease. Right now it make me choose one or the other.

  8. Mike Diegelmann says:

    Hi, Jerry and Everyone, I am pleased to announce that effective immediately MRIS customers now have the ability to select both "Listing Broker Application" and "Listing Broker Lease" pick list options in the Lease Clauses field in the Rental Transaction section of listings in Keystone.

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