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Upcoming Keystone Updates: Know the Number of Documents

June 30, 2014  |  by Jess

Celebrate Keystone Enhancements

Keystone Document Count

How much difference can a number make? A lot, especially if you are one of the many MRIS customers who click the View Documents link in Matrix only to find there are no documents attached to the listing at all.

When Keystone updates are released, the number of documents attached to a listing will be added next to the Documents icon in Keystone and the Documents link in Matrix. This is a perfect example of a small change that should save you time while preventing irritation and frustration.

Matrix_Document_countIn Keystone, the Documents Icon will have a number next to it to indicate how many documents are attached to your listing. In Matrix, the number of documents will be displayed next to the Documents link found on the right side of a full listing.

Do you need help attaching your documents? That is one of the topics covered in Keystone 201, Promoting Your Listings. Click here to see when this class is offered at a location near you, or watch the video tutorial anytime on

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3 responses to “Upcoming Keystone Updates: Know the Number of Documents”

  1. Cathy Kurvers says:

    Finally! Thank you!!!

  2. Tim Campbell says:

    Thank you Cathy!

  3. Leigh Anne Monk says:

    Excellent upgrade!

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