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Upcoming Keystone Updates: New Rental Fields are Coming

July 2, 2014  |  by Diane Ives


With the next Keystone release, rental property listing agents will be able to describe their rental with the addition of several new rental fields and picklist options. For example, Smoking Allowed and Pets Allowed must be answered Yes or No. You will also be able to fill in the amount of Monthly Pet Rent and Pet Fee. Plus, the new Pet Restriction Types picklist will help further define the Pet Situation. The additions are listed below.

New Criteria Fields, including:
• Smoking Allowed Y/N
• Pets Allowed Y/N
• Monthly Pet Rent
• Pet Fee

Keystone_Face_Monitor4_4_smallNew Picklist: Pet Restrictions Type

• None
• Allowed on a Case by Case Basis
• Breed Restriction
• Cats Only
• Dogs Only
• Limit Number of Pets per Tenant / Owner
• Size / Weight Restriction
• With Application / Deposit

Lease Clauses and Tenant Responsibilities will soon have picklists that include added options:

Lease Clauses
• Escalation Clause
• Furniture Cleaning
• Tobacco Smoke Odor / Damage

Tenant Responsibilities
• Utilities – Electric
• Utilities – Gas
• Utilities – Trash
• Utilities – Water

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8 responses to “Upcoming Keystone Updates: New Rental Fields are Coming”

  1. Tom Roeber says:

    What happened to adding accepting or not accepting a Government Voucher/Section 8 as a mandatory field?

  2. Erik Sundquist says:

    Voucher question as a mandatory field is too restrictive. I think it's better to leave an option of checking YES or NO if the owner has been explicit either way. Many clients are "case by case," and some will not have made up their minds until confronted with an enquiry.

  3. Erik Sundquist says:

    The new fields are certainly welcome and helpful. I hope you'll continue to adjust Keystone to fit the changing conditions.

    Shouldn't the item "Elevator fee" be changed? Many condo buildings exact a refundable deposit, and there is no where to enter that. I have never seen an elevator fee as distinct from a "move-in fee."

    Also, what in the world is the rationale for not allowing "LA application required" and "LA lease required" together. My company wants both.

    Why, if I'm searching in "Advanced" search for an address that is Active or AR to edit, do I have to put in the agent's number but not for an unfiltered search?

  4. Mike Diegelmann says:

    Hi, Tom,
    Please note that Section 8 falls under Subsidizing Housing. Not all jurisdictions have Section 8. Subsidized Housing is its own segment that is not part of rental. MRIS will take “accepting or not accepting a Government Voucher / Section 8” under consideration. At present while MRIS is making improvements to Keystone, MRIS is laying the ground work for such future enhancements. Thank you for your suggestion.

  5. Debra Johnson says:

    I asked the same question on vouchers. There could bevyes no undecided…..

  6. Rennie says:

    Can we have the metros included as a searchable field?

  7. restonlifestyle says:

    I agree with Erik – there can be numerous fees for Rentals and it's a real problem figuring out if we spotted all of them. Perhaps a drop down menu with 4-5 blank boxes next to it. We could CHECK multiple items as needed: Elevator; Processing; Security; Move-in; Pet; ect. and enter the amounts in the boxes?? And we need to have all of these fees in the same area of the report.

    In the old system of last week, these numbers are found in different areas of the listing, because listing agents are forced to put the number in a box, ANY BOX, just so they can disclose it. Then, when we choose one of the REPORTS to print out, it may not include all those pertinent fields. But it prints out dozens of useless blank fields.

    I was really hoping you would have figured out how to eliminate all the wasted space (& too many unnecessary 2nd pages). But that's probably a programming nightmare?

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