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Upload Your Headshot in Minutes

November 27, 2013  |  by Tera

Ever wondered how to get your headshot to show with your listings on Or are you unhappy with your photo and need a change but have forgotten how? Uploading a headshot to your account takes just a few simple steps that can be completed in minutes.

Simply visit (login required). Once you’re on that page, scroll down and select the link that says Upload your headshot to MRIS.  A popup window will launch with easy-to-follow directions guiding you through the process. After your photo is uploaded, simply return to My Account by clicking the link.

Be sure to follow these helpful hints to help ensure you have a great looking photo:

  • Uploaded images can be up to 12MB and at least 64 pixels wide by 94 pixels tall. An image that is too small will result in a grainy and un-clear looking photo.
  • Photos can be uploaded in one of three formats – JPG (This is the typical format of a digital camera), GIF, PNG, and BMP
  • Headshots in are in Portrait orientation — taller than they are wide. Make sure you select a headshot that is oriented the same way.


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