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Upload your picture to HomesDatabase – it’s easy!

July 20, 2010  |  by Anne

Just look at those pearly whites and perfect smile – you’re looking good in your headshot so put it up on HomesDatabase!  It is very simple and in less than a minute your picture will be posted.  Simply log in to, select “My Account,” and on the “My Account” page, look for the “HomesDatabase Related Settings” and click on “Upload Your Publicity Headshot.”  You will prompted with a new window, and click on the link “Upload your headshot now” to browse and “open” your selected jpeg.  Just give it 15-30 seconds to appear with your listings on Ta-da! You’re done!

Not satisfied?  It is easy to switch out pictures, just “delete” to remove your current photo and add a new one!

This quick 60 second video will show you just how easy it is!

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