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Using the Photo Comparison Display

August 6, 2013  |  by Neal

One of the most effective yet underutilized displays in Matrix is the Photo Comparison display (located in the Display drop-down menu). This display shows the Main Exterior (Primary), Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Living Room, and Exterior Rear photos side by side for all the listings selected. For your customers this gives them the opportunity to compare rooms from many listings on one page. For agents, this is a very effective starting point for your comp searches. It allows you to not only see all of the main exterior photos together, but it also allows you to compare interior room photos for amenities and condition, prime considerations when selecting properties for your CMA.

When entering listings in Keystone, it is important to note that only one photo is displayed for each room. If you have multiple photos for one room, the first photo for each room is the one shown in this display. When you are sorting your photos in Media Connect ask yourself the question “If I can only show one photo of this room which one would it be?” and then make that the first photo of that room. This is the most effective way to market your property. When sending listings to your clients remind them of this powerful display, and use it yourself when searching for homes and creating your CMAs.

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4 responses to “Using the Photo Comparison Display”

  1. Joe Lo Bianco says:

    You tell me what it is but do not explain how to implement it nor its' cost to the subscriber

  2. Gail Lambers says:

    Not every agent displays the master bedroom; many features ot the home may be better than and more important to the buuyer. You depend on this the photo capabilities of the one taking trhe pictures.
    To make a selection on a room with one possibility is poor choice to me for the buyers.

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