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Veterans Day Honors Our Super Heroes

November 9, 2012  |  by Jess

As we celebrate the service of our country’s veterans this Sunday, we want to share this piece from the Huffington Post written by Janine Boldrin, a freelance writer and military spouse. In this post, Janine recounts a visit she made recently to a first grade class to speak about veterans.

She asked these young children, “Who is a veteran?” The responses she received from them will make you smile and touch your heart.

To answer her own question, Janine writes:

There is no one way to describe every veteran. They are as diverse as our nation. Together they gave us a place to live where boys and girls can go to school, learn, and create. A place that can sometimes act divided but unites when the times are tough. A nation that has free elections, the openness to allow divergent views, and is filled with relative peace. A country where men and women now volunteer to be in the military.

Read Janine’s full post.

This Veterans Day, MRIS would like to thank and honor all of the military troops and veterans for their service! We’re very proud to be associated with real estate professionals that have served in the military as well as those that work tirelessly to make sure our troops are welcomed home. Happy Veterans Day!

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