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Want to Add Your Own Virtual Tour?

December 9, 2015  |  by Jess

toursKSFollowing up to Monday’s post on Copy Listing and photos, another request we hear often is for customers to be able to add their own Virtual Tour links to their listing in Keystone. With our next Keystone release, that will happen!

Simply click Tours next to your listing on the Keystone Homepage and select Add Tour. Name the tour and provide the URL where the tour is hosted. If you have more than one tour, you will be able to arrange the tours in the order you want them displayed.

One thing you must do, however, is make sure that the tour is unbranded. According to our Compliance Department, prohibited information in the video includes but is not limited to broker or agent information, email addresses, URLs, personal property or images, text, logo and obscene or profane material. The video must represent the actual property or artist representation, sketches, floor plans or plats of the property. Please verify that you have the rights to use the images in your virtual tours. The URL can’t have the broker’s name or the agents name. Suggested URL names include MLS number or property address.


Also, keep in mind that YouTube would NOT be an acceptable video hosting solution since you would be required to provide broker and agent information to the YouTube video channel, making the video no longer unbranded. To help our customers find a video hosting solution, we have done some research on possible hosting platforms and found a few options that you might want to explore:

Sprout Video

*Note: The above sites are listed for informational purposes only. The list is not meant to be an endorsement for any of the platforms. Links to these websites are provided solely for your reference.

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9 responses to “Want to Add Your Own Virtual Tour?”

  1. matt nagy says:

    Could we use Vimeo to use for video hosting?

  2. Kellie says:

    Hi Jess,
    Has your "next Keystone release" come out yet, allowing agents to upload their own virtual tours? Thank you.

  3. Miriam Gholl says:

    We use Paradym tours, and our account is set to automatically add unbranded tours to the MLS. Is there a way to automatically prioritize the Paradym tours so they are shown instead of the MLS-generated tour? As of now, we have to manually switch the priority for each property. Thanks!

  4. Elizabeth Y Foulds says:

    I have recently seen some agents use branded videos. I have always understood that they should NOT be branded. How do you get that out to all the agents who do not read your posts?? How are you going to stop these branded videos?

  5. Pete Ebert says:

    Is it okay if the company who created the video has placed their logo on the lower right of the video? They are not a real estate company.

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