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Watch the LIVE Unveiling of….

September 10, 2012  |  by Anne

Thank you for your patience the last few weeks as we kept you on the edge of your seats wondering what our big announcement was.   We are happy to say the wait is over!  Watch the live-streaming below to see MRIS President and CEO unveil our game-changing product live from the Maryland Association of REALTORS® (MAR) Conference in Ocean City, MD.

Text “MRIS” to 87778 to download MRIS Homes now or search for it on any app store! Visit for additional information.

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9 responses to “Watch the LIVE Unveiling of….”

  1. […] mobile app of MRIS that connects real estate agents and consumers directly to real-time MLS Data. Click here to watch the on-demand unveiling!  MRIS has been developing this free tool – available to […]

  2. […] Watch the LIVE Unveiling of…. Thank you for your patience the last few weeks as we kept you on the edge of your seats wondering what our big announcement was…. […]

  3. Seth Shapero says:

    Too bad we could not see the product. Only the speaker but could not see what he was talking about.

  4. MDSuburbs says:

    I agree with Seth. Seeing John describe the product was one thing, seeing the product was another. It really isn't clear how wonderful this is and, regardless of the spin about putting the Realtor at the center of the "conversation", I see this as MRIS moving more toward consumer access to the MLS. Maybe MRIS sees Zillow, Trulia and even as competitors and wants to gather martketshare ASAP.

  5. MRIS_CMO says:

    Thanks everybody for the comments. You're all right on — we pushed the envelope with the live streaming and the first cut was off. The team is making edits that include the product demo and will repost. Doing this in real time had some risks and we've learned how to better produce it in the future.

    Putting the real estate pro at the center of the conversation is certainly marketing "spin" — however, it could not be more true in the way doctors, financial services advisors, CEOs and other professions have had to adapt to the internet. For you to be relevant to your customers, both the speed and quality of your service is a major differentiator. A mobile desktop is one critical part of that strategy — and will be linked to every MRIS product and service in the coming months. This also means a full-strength iPad and Android tablet app, which we launched yesterday as well.

    So, it was a bumpy ride that we did our best to avoid but hit nonetheless. Thanks again for your timely and candid comments, that's what REsource Blog is for and I'm happy to see it used that way by our customers.

  6. Roy Kohn says:

    I know why this product and are good for MRIS but I would really like an explanation as to why they are good for an agent. The primary means for real estate agents to meet new clients is from our web sites and mobile apps. Our web sites and mobile apps list the Listing Broker as a requirement but NOT the contact information and certainly not contact information for the listing agent. I must have missed the voting somewhere along the way but we pay MRIS to safeguard our data for our use and benefit. Who gave them permission to use our data to compete against us for web traffic and then direct that traffic where they decide to send it?

    I spend tons of money and energy getting new business to my site. I don't care if they go to Zillow or Trulia first since the data is old or suspect. If homesdatabase and MRIS Homes continue, they REALLY need to provide data only and NOT contact information for listing agents or the "Contact an Agent" button on the mobile app! Who gets THAT call for gods sake?

  7. Roy Kohn says:

    It seems I may have been incorrect with part of my mobile app comment above. The listings on the mobile app don't seem to link to the listing agents. Hopefully it will never link to the listing agent even if we pay for an additional MRIS service. It would be nice to know who gets the call and email when a "Contact an Agent" button is clicked. Homesdatabase still needs to be changed.

  8. Gail Milazzo says:

    Its quicker that for sure, but with the new change in Keystone I can't change my listings on my iphone any more blanks out. Would be nice to add the "Edit Listing" feature for agents

  9. Hi Gail, allowing listing edits is on the roadmap for the MRIS Homes mobile app. We don't have a timeline on that at this moment, but it is something we are working toward. Thanks!

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