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“We Want to Know Wednesday” – How useful is our Public Records Page to you?

February 23, 2011  |  by Mike

Did you know that the new MRIS website has a Public Records Page with a wealth of information accessible to MRIS customers?  Upon logging into the new site, you will see “Public Records” in the “MRIS Customers” dropdown. 

In the Public Records Page list on the left hand side, you have Public Records Data Status, a ready resource to check the dates of the most recent assessments, taxes, and structural information, as well as, sales data uploads for all MRIS government jurisdictions.   

In addition, at your fingertips is Jurisdiction Information, which includes MRIS government website pages with easily accessible links with such information as local assessments; taxes; schools, as well as, state; federal; and real estate professional information and more.

The Public Records Glossary is a ready reference that concisely defines MRIS display and report field names.  Public Records FAQs is a quick and easy information source that provides insight and direction to address your real estate public records inquiries and needs in the best way possible.

As a product manager, I am curious what you think of the Public Records Page. What would you as a realtor, appraiser, or consumer like to see that would better serve the public records information needed in the Public Records Page?

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2 responses to ““We Want to Know Wednesday” – How useful is our Public Records Page to you?”

  1. Lisa Smits says:

    It is very helpful. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is only as good as the County records. In Westmoreland County, for instance, information is very scattered, which also means it is not listed many times, no matter what keywords are searched… just not there. Otherwise when the record is listed I always look at it, (and always have!) Lisa

  2. DMickey says:

    Ii have found the MRIS public records reports to be sometimes incomplete or out of date. As insurance, I always go to the Jurisdictional information report to be sure I have the most accurate & up-to-date information.

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