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We Want To Know Wednesday: What Are 3 Things You Would Change About MRIS?

August 31, 2011  |  by Anne

We have been busy this year with many product updates (like Matrix), product launches (like Media Connect) and planning for major improvements (like Keystone) but we want to make sure we stay on track with improving your day-to-day business needs.  So, without further aidu, this “We Want to Know Wednesday” question is :

If you could change or improve 3 things about MRIS, what would they be?


Talk about a specific product or reference something general like Support Center.  Let the feedback begin! Comment below and let’s get the discussion rolling!


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12 responses to “We Want To Know Wednesday: What Are 3 Things You Would Change About MRIS?”

  1. JC METELSKI says:

    Enhanced data entry program that would not accept MLS listing input with missing data such as missing TaxID, Condo Management Co., HOA fees, school districts. Too many lazy agents omitting critical and important data.
    Interior photos of kitchen, baths, front and rear photos of subject property be mandatory. Pictures say what agents don't.
    Smart phone app. Lots of features cannot be utilized via smart phone/droids

  2. J Young says:

    1. Mandate that all listings have a main/exterior photo uploaded with the initial submission. If no photo, fine the agent! It's ridiculous that agents list homes with no photos! They waste everyone else's time.
    2. Allow HTML in emails/auto-emails to clients. Some agents use real signatures (in jpg/gif format) and/or badges that cannot be attached to outgoing emails.
    3. Have CMA functionality tailored to "buyers CMA" or "sellers CMA" so that CMAs have pre-loaded pages. It's cumbersome to have to select the appropriate pages every time someone wants to do a CMA. A radio button or drop down would be great that "auto-selects" the most appropriate pages related to Buyers or Sellers.

  3. Thai Hung Nguyen says:

    I would love to see MRIS add the Drip Campaign & Contact Management features to the toolbox. Another "dream" is to be able to connect with other agents in a group to introduce listing to them (agents will have the ability to specify their preference of receiving listings).

  4. dorothy taylor says:

    mandate listing exterior before you can list a property is ridiculous and agent gets fined. sellers want thier properties on the market at once and a photo may not be available. Also constant unwarranted channges in the way realtors do business is upsetting. as soon as you learn one thing it changes for no apparant reason. also getting on the system, is long, tedious and quite old fashion we should be able to log in and get right to work instead of three steps.

  5. Karen says:

    1. Keystone Profile Sheets flow in the same order as the Keystone screens.
    2. Required fields on the Keystone Profile Sheets go back to red instead of bolded black.
    3. ADC Map Coordinates – These maps are no longer being produced. Why ADC especially since the "push-pin" is never positioned correctly?

  6. mariestill says:

    These are all great! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  7. Tom Monteleone says:

    a smartphone app is becoming a necessity. The sooner the better

  8. Lynn says:

    I agree with previous poster. Why is there not an MRIS app yet? It's so overdue, it's absolutely crazy! I have a Trulia app instead; still waiting and waiting for MRIS! It should be available for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone too, btw; not JUST iPhone.

  9. Wendy says:

    Add a field for Adult Active Communities or 55+, 62+ that would be fantastic. 🙂

  10. Julie H says:

    Many times i want to add listings to a cart, and the cart is full. It reuqires me to empty the cart and thengo back anddo my search all over again.
    Allow more than 30 photos.
    Ability to edit Front Page photo- seems crazy that you cannot change this.

  11. John says:

    Links to property websites should be allowed in the remarks. Ror example: "Take a property tour at"

  12. I Agree with every other post but there is one thing that MUST MUST be added to MRIS ……VIDEO!!!!! We have pictures but what about video of a home. Of course that can be done on each of out personal sites but very few agents even use video to market. If MRIS added this it would really change everything!!! Just a though!

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