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We Want To Know Wednesday: What Are Your Tips for Making Business Cards Stand Out?

September 28, 2011  |  by Anne

It’s trade show season and you know what that means – call in a bulk order of business cards to prepare for tradeshow doorprize giveaways and the many meet and greets that will follow.

But before you bulk order, take a step back and analyze your business card as one of your key marketing tools.  Think of your business card as giving a tangible first impression.  If clients like what they see, they will be more likely to visit your site or give you a call!

Here are some tips for making your business card stand out:

  • Use both sides of the card – take advantage of all that space!
  • Use QR codes to drive traffic to your website.
  • Cut the card in an interesting way – maybe around shape or an extra long rectangle.

Keep the conversation going and share some of your tips below!

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11 responses to “We Want To Know Wednesday: What Are Your Tips for Making Business Cards Stand Out?”

  1. Doug Francis says:

    I have to assume that someone would need an incentive… like "win an iPad" to scan a QR code on a business card. Unfortunately as Realtors, a giveaway or incentive like that can take us into RESPA conflicts.

    Personally, I have a list of social media sites listed since it is less complicated than scanning a QR code to get additional information. Keeping it easy for the user is essential.

  2. MRIS_Anne says:

    Hi Doug – thanks for commenting! That's a great idea to simply list your social media sites instead of a QR code. I was at a conference last week and someone gave me their business card that actually had two QR codes on the back. I looked at her and asked, "Why two?" and she said, "One goes to my blog, the other goes to my website." In my head, I understand the theory, but there was no way for me to know what differentiated the QR codes in the first glance. It depends on how you want to present your business, but sometimes a simple website link or twitter handle is better received than a QR code that may lead to confusion.

  3. Tracey Bilodeau says:

    A well thought out card with warm colors, a recent personal photo, and my cards provide instant feedback on the back side. I picked some of the most poignant points in househunting, like pricing, location, curb appeal, overall condition, and whether the property meets the needs of the buyer, ranking them with 10, 5, 1… 10 being best. The last point is a yes or no to whether the property is in the top 3. I thank the seller for allowing me to show their home, and state that I will contact their agent if there is further interest. Be in the moment!

  4. Cindy Jones says:

    When I'm headed to a conference I print a supply of cards specific to that show. It has all of the required info on the front and on the back it has my QR code which goes to a YouTube introduction AND then has the name of the trade show/conference with the dates. Helps jog their memory of where we met.

  5. Lew Burke says:

    I think a card of a different size is a downer. Where do I put a round card or an extra length card in my card holder? The answer is I don't and the card becomes an instant throw away!

  6. Emily Mintz says:

    My cards are printed with my branding on front, and the back has commonly needed phone numbers and websites, notably for the different utility companies, school system, county gov't, and planning board for master plans. Buyers and sellers keep it, since it's a resource they will need when they have to transfer utilities, etc.

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