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We Want to Know Wednesday: When Presenting a Listing to a Client, Which Fields in Keystone Lack the Information You Need?

October 12, 2011  |  by Anne

When presenting a listing to a client, how often do they ask questions about the property that you cannot answer simply because the information was not filled into Keystone?

Since the listing agent decides on what fields they want to enter beyond the required mandatory fields, non-mandatory fields that homebuyers find vital in choosing a home may be blank.  Now, you are stuck between a “rock and a hard place” because the information you need to close a deal isn’t available.

As we continue to work on major Keystone renovations, we wanted to pose the question to you about non-mandatory fields that should be mandatory based on the need of your clients.

Comment below on what non-mandatory fields would greatly benefit you and your clients if the information was available.

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84 responses to “We Want to Know Wednesday: When Presenting a Listing to a Client, Which Fields in Keystone Lack the Information You Need?”

  1. Dorte Engel says:

    section 8
    flooring: soft – hard
    access 1 level homes -> pick list of steps to entry: 1-3, 3-6, etc.

  2. Lesley Beever says:

    I agree with most of these comments. Room sizes…mandatory. Laziness not to include. Square footage from the tax records good idea. Schools should be mandatory. I think that most agents do not use the MRIS sheet when they list a property so lots of information is left out. Really looks unprofessional.

  3. Jacqueline Balcells says:

    Room sizes, schools, and condition. Far too often I've shown homes that had major repair or mold issues yet there is no mention of it in the remarks. For schools, why not just add a disclaimer saying they are subject to change without notice?

  4. Rob D says:

    Schools should auto populate along with square footage from the tax records. would be easier for MRIS to figure out the school districts once a year then for agents to re-invent the wheel every time they get a listing. Plus then end users would be able to search by school district on sites like

  5. Christel Miller says:

    'Schools' should provide or allow link to local school board district maps with disclaimer that school boundries are always subject to redistricting over time. Buyers don't necessarily understand this. I don't want to be blamed when their grade schooler ends up going to a different high school than the one they wanted.

    Same with 'square footage' or 'living area' – too many different ways to calculate. Bump-outs and 'L' shaped rooms make for interesting measurements.

  6. Cathy Kurvers says:

    My pet peeve is no tax link, so I think it should be mandatory. I realize that brand new homes in new developments might not have them, but if the year built is equal to the Current Year or maybe even the Previous Year, ti should be a must! It's not that hard, for heaven's sake!

  7. Karen Close says:

    After reading all the comments..schools should be mandatory, square footage no,map coordinate yes..could the remarks section be increased?
    I agree that the search engines need help as the results do vary if one does the same search …not often but hopefully not when it matters either.

  8. For Short Sales, name of the bank and how many banks are involved would be nice.

    So many people ask about schools, that information should really be mandatory–there is a disclaimer at the bottom of every listing printout saying "Information is believed to be accurate, but should not be relied upon without verification" AND "accuracy of square footage, lot size, and other information is not guaranteed. Add "schools" to the disclaimer.

  9. Multiple current photos should be mandatory–at least one of front, one of back, and a couple of interior shots. I really hate the listings that say things like "beautiful home", "must see", "shows great", etc. If it shows so great, let me see it! If it's in terrible condition, let me see that, too.

  10. Charella Marx says:

    Lots of comments!-I would like to see multiple fields for how and condo fees, as a number of communities have several! tax record auto population would be nice for square footage. Schools would be nice. Of course the burden of proof is always on the buyer's agent….

  11. As an MRIS user from WV, where state tax records are notoriously inadequate, I resent having ANYTHING auto-populated from the tax ID. It causes us no end of grief! Imagine trying to explain to a client why his measured 4,000 SF home shows a GLA of under 2,000. This same process also makes listing a home with 2 or more lots more or less impossible. Probably 25% of our listings have had to be cleared by the MRIS folks because of one or another of these issues. As for schools, we don't have the same urgency for kids to attend a certain "special" school. 99% of our buyer clients never even ask. So don't require us to wade through the Bd of Ed bureaucracy every time.

  12. Cathy Norton says:

    I'd like to see fields eliminated, if not needed. Do we need ADC Map, TBM, and Area? I don't even know what info it's asking for. And "level location", what is that?

    Exterior- building sites/lots do we need this if it's not new construction?
    Assessments – project approved, investor ratio, refuse fee, tap, front foot, total units
    Financing – 1st, 2nd, trust, under Mtg bal, new financing, cash to assume, annual rent income, rental year
    Legal information phase folio master plan etc, etc, etc

    We should have drop down menus if it applies, fill it in otherwise it's empty space. Too many pages when you print and wasted empty space on the entire lfull listing. There is more blank space than space used for the house photo and map. At the top of the listing.

    At least consolidate. 3 pages for a full listing that really shouldn't take up more than a page and a half. Improvement is really needed here.

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