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What Are You Running?

November 25, 2013  |  by Tera

browser-raceTechnology updates at an astounding pace, and Internet Browsers are constantly adapting to those changes through updated versions. Browsers released years ago do not support some of the critical capabilities needed to run modern web-based applications like Matrix and Keystone.

The difference in performance between old and updated browsers might surprise you. While 10 seconds here and 20 seconds there don’t seem like much, they can add up to a substantial amount of time spent on the computer – time that busy real estate professionals don’t always have.

Many of our subscribers are still using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), a browser that is almost four and a half years old. If you’re one of those subscribers, we encourage you to consider upgrading to a newer browser. You will still be able to access Matrix and Keystone with IE8, but using an updated browser will help ensure an optimal user experience for MRIS systems and other websites.

The fact is older browsers can slow you down when you’re working online, and in the fast paced real estate industry, seconds count! Click here to find out what browser you’re running.

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5 responses to “What Are You Running?”

  1. Marina Brito says:

    What browsers do you recommend, especially on MacOS?

  2. andy says:

    I didn't see much useful info at the page and seem to get an assortment of answers about what browser is best to use. If MRIS could add some specific recommendations and all known exceptions to that site, that would help all MRIS subscribers.

  3. Browsers says:

    I agree with Andty, Mris_Jess there is not that much use full info about browers.

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