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What Are Your Mad RE Skillz?

May 1, 2013  |  by Ellen

Inman News has started a weekly discussion on Twitter looking for the most extreme ways agents have marketed their properties or themselves. Every Thursday they ask people to tweet their most creative real estate skill using the hashtag #madreskillz. So far submissions have ranged from using drone photography to get aerial shots and using listing language that would make anyone stop in their tracks (“I’m the only form of love you can buy legally”).

We’re curious what YOU do to make yourselves stand out from the crowd. Do you give away free pizza, tweet ‘coming soon’ with a picture of a house you’ve just gotten the listing for, or add unexpected objects in listing photos to give people a surprise?

Those are all collected from the Inman News tweets, but please let us know what you do in the comments. We’ll compile the best ones we receive in a later post. And don’t forget to follow along with Inman on Twitter every Thursday using the hashtag #madreskillz.

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