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What Is Pinterest And How Can It Help Real Estate Agents?

July 17, 2013  |  by Ellen

Pinterest has grown faster than any other social media since its inception about four years ago. Now it is the third largest social media site, behind only Facebook and Twitter and expanding rapidly. Given its broad reach many companies are finding it a useful tool to help with their own branding efforts (even Nordstorm has started integrating it with in-store marketing) and the real estate industry could be a perfect fit for the type of service Pinterest provides. Here’s a quick primer on what the site does and how to make the most of it.

Think of Pinterest like you think of a bulletin board, but instead of imagining a board the way most people would use it, picture the way interior decorators or landscape architects would use one in their job. Regular folk use bulletin boards to keep things they want to remember or show to others—such as pictures, recipes, and tear outs from magazines. Decorators, architects, and other people in picture-rich professions use bulletin boards to build their brand. They often line the walls of their office with boards that showcase pictures in different themes. Master Bedrooms, might be one theme for a decorator. Or Impressive Waterfalls, could be another for landscapers. Now with Pinterest they can create “boards” (in the virtual sense) that collect images from around the Internet to help send a message about what their company does.

For real estate agents that want to demonstrate their expertise in a certain niche—from penthouses to first time homes—they can create boards for these topics plus any of the other categories that most people love to peruse for a diversion (great pools, cozy libraries, and luxurious bathrooms, just for starters). Or they can showcase some of the charitable causes they support—such as links to animals up for adoption or artists who have a gallery opening in the community. Using Pinterest is a simple as using Facebook. Simply create an account and when you come across a link you want to add to one of your Pin boards just look for the Pinterest logo on that page. Click that button and it will be added to your board.

Editor’s Note: Pinterest can be a helpful tool for some agents, but this social media site might not work well for everyone. Click to read the 5 Reasons Pinterest Might Not Help Your Brand article from last year and see if any of those reasons might apply to you.

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One response to “What Is Pinterest And How Can It Help Real Estate Agents?”

  1. BAgnostak says:

    Thanks…being in the geezer/checking-out generation, I never knew what Pinterest was nor how it could help Realtors. Thanks for the primer! bill

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