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What Real Estate Marketing Could Look Like In A Few Years

December 16, 2013  |  by Ellen

inform-3-300x199Inman News has a new look at some of the cutting edge technology start-ups that have their eye on the real estate market. From easy and fast ways to produce floorplans to a camera that takes two-dimensional pictures and turns them into three-dimensional renderings these products are all aimed at advertising to people who aren’t able to see the property in person.

There is even the idea of the Google Earth function that allows virtual views of building interiors becoming a bigger part of the real estate agent tool box. We know how email and products like Authentisign have drastically changed the way agents do business. But do you think any of these services will be a gamechanger for you? Please let us know your thoughts.

Photo from┬áMIT’s InForm Dynamic Shape Display h/t InmanNews

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2 responses to “What Real Estate Marketing Could Look Like In A Few Years”

  1. Boyd says:

    I like a lot! However, adoption could be tricky as if it requires additional investment in tools. The additional benefit is the ability to indisputably claim the resulting work uniquely ours.

  2. David says:

    Hey Boyd. Excellent point! I hadn't thought of that angle.

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