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What’s Coming in 2014: Matrix Navigation and Workflow Changes

December 20, 2013  |  by Tim

I’m Tim Campbell, the Product Manager for Matrix and I’m excited to discuss some of the upcoming changes that are coming for Matrix in 2014.

During the first part of 2014, Matrix users will experience a new workflow which provides dynamic and fully interactive capabilities without losing any existing functionality. Watch the video overview to see the changes. Some of the changes are as simple as a cascading navigation that lets you get to your Residential General Search in one click. Others are as big as a new integrated mapping feature that allows you to quickly toggle between the search criteria, listing results and a fully interactive map view.

One of the specific changes to searching in Matrix that I really like is the “count on the fly”. When you enter criteria into your search, whether through your search criteria or by drawing map shapes, Matrix will count your results on the fly. This lets you know how many results you are going to receive before hitting the “results” tab, and it helps you understand what part of the criteria is narrowing your results. Additionally, the map shape can be re-dragged, no need to delete the shape and redraw any longer. This is a real time saver, especially when it’s combined with count on the fly.

There are also a couple of changes that you may need to try a few times before you feel comfortable:

1. Printing. When you click print, Matrix will present a new print dialog box with 2 tabs. The default tab is Print HTML. This is a faster printing option that takes advantage of the Matrix Header and Footer you created in My Matrix. The other tab is PDF Reports, which are the same PDF reports we’ve always had.

2. The Button Bar. The new Action toolbar will be located at the bottom of your search results. The single button bar is now broken out into several separate button bars (Actions—the default button bar, Refine, Save and Carts). They are grouped based on the functions you are more than likely performing.

This release includes a couple of changes our customers have been requesting to CMAs in Matrix. You will soon have the ability to upload custom reports to your CMA. This is helpful if you want to upload your “agent resume” or maybe one of the RBI Statistics pages to add to the reports available with the CMA. We’ve also created a Map display that will show your Subject property in relation to the Comparable listings.

MRIS will create tutorials on each subject and of course you can always attend training to make the transition less stressful while making sure you are getting the most out of Matrix. Be sure to check for more information and resources as they are created.

All of the changes are designed to make Matrix easier to use and more efficient. We realize that changing your workflow can be difficult, so please take time to watch the overview video below to determine how difficult the workflow changes may be for you.

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2 responses to “What’s Coming in 2014: Matrix Navigation and Workflow Changes”

  1. Sharn Cimaglia says:

    Please put in a field for first floor master.

  2. Roger says:

    Like the changes.

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